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for Starting a Business in Japan

We offer what you need to start and manage your company in Japan, including incorporatation, directors change, name change, merger, branch office setup, and more.


Incorporate your business

Establish a Kabushiki Kaisha

Kabushiki Kaisha (joint-stock company) is the most popular legal entity to start a business in Japan.

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Form a Godo Kaisha (LLC)

Low Cost Alternative

Same as Kabushiki Kaisha in tax point of view. An LLC can be establised by lower cost and simpler filings.

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Branch Registration

A Step Forward from Rep Office

All the foreign companies doing business in Japan must register their branches, except when subsidiaries are used as the local entities.

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Property Registration

Register Your Real Estate

When you buy or inherit a real estate in Japan, registration is necessary to assure you are the true holder of the property.

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